Tia Bellissimo

Master Artist

MLA Certified Microblading Artist

Tia Bellissimo is a Master Artist certified in the art of Microblading and Combo Brows with Microblading LA founder Lindsey Ta.

"My mother had drawn me into Microblading through her journey of being a PMU artist. I loved seeing the difference it made to the people walking in and out of her salon." Tia says.

Tia grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her artistic abilities in 2017. "My goal is to enhance the clients' natural features and compliment their style with a timeless brow. It takes hard work and dedication to train your eye and hands to meet every client's individual needs. Everyone has their unique bone structure, hair pattern, and skin type. All these things are taken into account when I'm creating the shape of the brows and mapping out how the strokes or shading should flow. Ultimately I find fulfillment and passion in empowering people to feel their best." Tia explains.

When Tia is not at MLA Studio, she tries to spend most of her time traveling outdoors with her boys and loved ones.


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