Ngoc Tran

Master Artist

MLA Certified Microblading Artist

Ngoc Tran is a Master Artist, certified in the art of microblading and combo brows with Microblading LA Founder Lindsey Ta. “I want everyone to feel beautiful in their own skin” Ngoc says. This is something Ngoc truly believes in as she had experienced severe acne from the age 5 and into her adult life. “It made me extremely self-conscious and left me with very low self-esteem. I remember when I was able to put makeup on, and how much confidence I then had in myself. I want to give others that same confidence.”

The ability to give everyone the gift of makeup every single day is what attracted her to the art of microblading. “I want everyone to wake up feeling beautiful”.

When Ngoc is not in the studio, she loves discovering new restaurants, eating new cuisines, and traveling the world to find new recipes to satisfy her taste buds!    


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