Tania Pelayo

Master Artist

MLA Certified Microblading Artist

Tania Pelayo is a Hyperrealist Pencil Artist (a former student of Lindsey Ta). Her specialty is in portrait drawing “I’ve been an artist my whole life,” she says. “I’ve exhibited in a number of galleries and museums. That is my main passion.”

Tania has also worked as a tattoo artist for 5 years. Her mastery in portraiture and tattooing led her to microblading. “I love finding new ways in applying my skills. Being able to combine both my passions together makes microblading come naturally for me”

She apprenticed with Lindsey Ta before joining our Microblading LA team, beginning her journey in MLA’s second ever “Art of Microblading” class. Tania’s favorite part of microblading is the client’s reaction. “It’s a rewarding feeling being able to give someone their confidence back.”

When she’s not at Microblading LA, Tania is in her studio, constantly producing more art.


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