Combo Brows

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View Lookbook

Starts at $800

3 hours

Minimal Pain

Why Combo Brows ?

Tired of trying to be a world-class makeup artist in front of the mirror ?

Why not let a real world-class makeup artist and her team create a perfect fusion of Microblading and Powder Brows for you. You'll have the best of both worlds - natural looking brows with a touch of makeup. This way you can concentrate on what you’re good at - looking beautiful!

That's why getting Combo Brows can be a life changing moment - it can put an end to this vicious cycle and liberate you from the chains of imperfect brows!

Why MLA Signature Combo Brows ?

Our MLA Master Artists specialize in designing a Combo Brow style that is custom build based on your existing eyebrow hair, skin condition, face structure, and lifestyle. That is the reason why our results are so natural and consistent. 

Take a look at our MLA Combo Brows Styles: 

MLA Signature Combo

A perfect combination of strokes from bulb and along the edges of brow with powder effect at the tail.

MLA Bold Combo

Bolder combo brows. Has only strokes in the bulb of brow and the body and tail is powder effect.

MLA Natural Combo

Keeping it natural! We have strokes with soft shading throughout the body!

Combo Brows LOOKBOOK

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