Bella Munguia

Celebrity Master Artist

MLA Certified Microblading Artist
MLA Certified Master Instructor

Bella Munguia is a Celebrity Master Artist, certified in the art of microblading and combo brows with Microblading LA Founder Lindsey Ta.

"I think the most important thing is that we want to look like the best version of ourselves,” Bella says. “It is important to be happy with the way we look. I love to give my clients that boost of confidence."  

And she does that by working with what they already have. "My brows always match the flow of their hair. I can look at someone and know, based on their bone structure and how they care for their brows, what will be the best shape and technique for them."

Bella began at MLA as a teaching assistant, spending hundreds of hours in the MLA Academy classrooms, helping future artists learn the Art of Microblading. She had always been passionate about beauty and brows. “Brows speak for you before you’re able to,” Bella says. "Your brows introduce you to everybody."

When Bella is not in the studio or the classroom, she loves to explore everything beauty related.


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