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Starts at $2,500

5 Hour Service

Minimal Pain

between 2-4

Why Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

If you are sick and tired of wearing a hat and exhaustively covering your bald spots, then our Signature Scalp Micropigmentation is everything you have been waiting for! Our Scalp Micropigmentation Solution doesn't require surgery, extended downtime, or heavy maintenance. Yet, it is seamless, undetectable, and most importantly, gives you a full set of hair.

If feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is important to you, then you'll understand why we believe getting our Signature Scalp Micropigmentation treatment can be a life-changing moment - it will put an end to the vicious cycle of male pattern baldness and even out the playing field!

Why MLA Scalp Micropigmentation?

Our extensive expertise in permanent makeup and our dedication to creating a natural look are the main ingredients that went into creating our Signature Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. First, our Master Artists apply a proprietary pigment formula to the scalp that perfectly matches and accommodates your skin tone and natural hair color. Then, using these pigments with our specialized Scalp Micropigmentation Machine, our highly trained Master Artists generate thousands of tiny impressions, providing the appearance of hair.

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