VIDEO: Real Students Speak About Their Experiences at MLA

Student Testimonials | MLA Staff

VIDEO: Real Students Speak About Their Experiences at MLA

Student Testimonials | MLA Staff

Choosing the best school to begin your microblading journey is the first big decision every microblading artist makes, and it's not easy.

Our students tell us they research heavily before selecting us, and we're glad they do! We want students to select us with confidence that they are making the best possible choice for their career.

That's why we've created these testimonial video with real students--so you can make a decision you'll be very happy with.

The students in these videos are makeup artists, moms, and hairdressers. Their answers are totally unscripted, real responses. We interviewed them minutes after completing their first model at our academy.

If you're still on the fence, we hope these videos will help. Don't forget you can also message us with questions about training at Microblading LA or give us a call or text at 1-818-305-6112 to speak with one of our training specialist.

Real Testimonials

Meet Elizabeth, Makeup Artist and Digital Marketer

Meet Katie, Hairdresser and Mom

Meet Daniel, Makeup Artist

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