Can I Get Microblading Over an Old Eyebrow Tattoo? A Complete Guide to Permanent Makeup Cover Ups (with pictures)

Learn | MLA Staff

Can I Get Microblading Over an Old Eyebrow Tattoo? A Complete Guide to Permanent Makeup Cover Ups (with pictures)

Learn | MLA Staff

Clients with existing eyebrow tattooing or permanent makeup come to us all the time. They want to know if we can perform microblading over the old tattoo. The truth is, we can’t always work on it if you already have an old eyebrow tattoo. However all hope is not lost!
Here’s everything you need to know.

1. If you’re considering coming to our studio and you already have permanent makeup, send us pictures first. 

A Master Artist will look at the photos to determine whether or not we can work with you. Take 3 photos; one straight on, and one from each side, so we can see each tail of the eyebrow. Make sure the photos are:
  1. Makeup free
  2. Filter free
  3. In natural lighting (daylight)

Click here to send us photos for evaluation.

2. We can only cover up an old eyebrow tattoo up if the previous work is very light and the ink is not deposited too deep.

If your eyebrow tattoo is dark, the hairstrokes will not show up. Think about it like this: if you drew an eyebrow on paper and filled it in with a pen, and then drew hairstrokes over it with the same pen, you would not be able to see the hair strokes. 
The same is true with microblading and an eyebrow tattoo. If there is too much pigment density or if the ink is placed too deeply, our artist will not be able to create beautiful, natural eyebrows for you.
Most times, we cannot microblade over an old tattoo, because the previous work is too dark, too deep, or too dense.

3. We will use a shading or combo technique to cover up the eyebrow tattoo.

Know that we cannot perform pure microblading over a previous PMU because part of our work is covering up the previous work. So, we use a combination or a shading technique.
Shading is when the artist fills in the brow to resemble a powdered look.
Combo brows is when you combine shading with microblading to create a look that has some hairstrokes but is filled-in, giving a fuller look overall.
When we're doing a cover up, the shading allows the artist to blend our work with theirs.

Once you send in your 3 photos, our artist will make a recommendation for what is best with your situation.

Eyebrow Tattoo Cover upEyebrow Tattoo Cover Up with Microblading

4. If we cannot perform a tattoo coverup, tattoo removal may be the best option.

We have very limited ability to do removals in house.
However, if you elect to get removal elsewhere, research “saline removal” or “laser removal” (pico laser removal is one of the most advanced forms of laser removal currently on the market) and decide what’s best for you. Your practitioner will be able to make a recommendation based on your brows.


We hope this helps you understand your options if you already have an eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup. Of course, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-855-MLA-BROW or send us a message here.
Remember, if you have previous PMU, it is very important to send us three pictures, preferably in natural lighting, with zero eyebrow makeup on.
Eyebrow Tattoo Cover Up with MicrobladingEyebrow Tattoo Cover Up with Microblading


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