How to Register to Become a Microblading Artist in LA County and Elsewhere

Learn | MLA Staff

How to Register to Become a Microblading Artist in LA County and Elsewhere

Learn | MLA Staff

Before taking any class where you’re microblading on skin, you’ll need to register with the local health department. Everywhere is different. This blog will show you exactly how to register in LA County so that you’re able to work on live models in a Microblading LA class, but first we’ll give you four important guidelines to follow no matter where you in the U.S.

1. Microblading Artists Must Be Responsible and Proactive with Regulations

Complying with local government regulation is the most basic test of responsibility for a microblading artist. In our microblading class, we require all students to complete registration two weeks prior to the beginning of their class. Our philosophy is that if you can’t meet the local requirements for your first class in time, then the responsibility of cutting skin and creating new eyebrows for your clients may be too much for you! Regular compliance to local regulations is a fact of life for working microblading artists. 

2. Many Local Governments Do Not Know What Microblading Is

When you search your government’s website and call their office, be sure to ask about microblading, but also ask for things like “Permanent Makeup,” “Tattoos” and “Body Art” and other synonyms. Every office is different and it’s your responsibility to ensure you inquire thoroughly. In many states, the laws that govern tattooing are the same that govern permanent makeup and microblading. Be thorough.

3. Ask For Yourself, Don’t Take Anyone’s Word For It

There are many guides on the internet about local regulations, but we strongly recommend calling the office and checking for yourself. Websites go out-of-date or may contain honest errors. Even when following instructions from us, take time to investigate yourself in the county you’re working in. You want to feel confident you’re in compliance with the law for the sake of your business and clients who will have many questions and are putting their faith in you to know. Be sure you know!

4. Everywhere is Different

As of this writing, New Mexico requires 100 hours of training, while Los Angeles County requires some forms and what’s called a “Blood Borne Pathogens” test (more on that below). So the requirements can vary wildly from one state to the next. If you’re coming into our class from out-of-state, we strongly suggest checking with your local government before taking our class so that you understand what you’re getting into.

How to Register in LA County For Our Microblading Course

This page was updates 08/07/18

If you’re registered for permanent makeup in California, then you can operate as a guest in LA County for up to five consecutive days when you come to our studio. None of our classes currently have more than 2 days of live models, so if you’re registered in CA, then you’re all set.
For everyone else, currently unregistered in LA County or California, follow these steps to register for permanent makeup and microblading in LA County:

Step 1: Complete Your Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Step 2: Prepare The Following Items to be Sent to LA County.

You will mail these 6 items to LA County Environmental Health - Body Art Program:

  1. Completed LA County Registration (Download the Registration Form here)
  2. Voluntary Declination Form of Hepatitis B Vaccination (Download the Hepatitis Declination Form here) OR proof of Hepatitis B vaccination, whichever is applicable to you.
  3. Certificate or proof of completion of bloodborne pathogen training. If you have not yet completed this training, please find the Bloodborne Pathogen training here. (Be sure to select the one labeled "Bloodborne Pathogens for Los Angeles County Only"
  4. A check of $54.00 made to: LOS ANGELES COUNTY
  5. Copy of Valid ID (Drivers license or State ID)
  6. 2inch x 2inch passport-type photo


Step 3: Mail out your package!

LA County Environmental Health - Body Art Program is highly impacted and requires a minimum of 10 - 14 business days to process your package of registration and provide you with a certificate by mail. To ensure you will have your certificate in a timely manner please send out your package through priority mail.

  • Mail this package to the following address, exactly as written:
Environmental Health - Body Art Program 
Attention Intensive PMU Training at MLA
5050 Commerce Drive
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Don’t forget to include everything. If you miss any one part, you are not properly registered!
4. Let us know!
When you’re all done, send us proof of your registration from LA County! Then we’ll know you’re ready to take the class. Be sure to finish everything 2 weeks prior to the start of class to be sure you’re registered in time.
We hope this answers all of your questions about how to register for Microblading in LA County. You can always contact us at training@microbladingla.com for all your questions about preparing for your class at Microblading LA.


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