Microblading My Brows For The First Time | allure + MLA collaboration

News | MLA Staff

Microblading My Brows For The First Time | allure + MLA collaboration

News | MLA Staff

When allure, one of the most respected beauty magazine in the world, works together with Lindsey Ta, a World Renowned Microblading Artist and Microblading LA's founder, sparks will fly and transformations are pretty much guaranteed!!!

In Microblading LA, we enjoy enhancing our clients natural beauty, but what we really love is creating life changing moments right here in the Microblading LA studio! In those Moments, when we see that spark in our clients eyes, or their confident level was elevated right in front of our eyes, or even just their posture or the way they walk has become noticeably different. Sometimes it's sublet, sometimes it's obvious, but it's always amazing to witness those life changing moment as it reminds us why we do what we do.

We don't always have amazing cameras and resources to capture these moments. That's why when allure magazine reached out to collaborate with us and capture this life changing moment at our studio, we were more than happy to share what happens at Microblading LA every single day with the rest of the world. Here it is (enjoy) :


The Rising Star of Cosmetic Procedures: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetic procedures, one innovative treatment has been steadily gaining ground, transforming lives and scalps across the globe: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Guess who is Yelp’s #1 Permanent-makeup Studio in the US ?

We're honored to be featured as Yelp's Top 20 in the Nation! We have been chosen as #1 Permanent-makeup Studio in United States and #3 in Brow services overall.

MLA +Yelp’s Elite 5-Star Event  

Microbading LA was thrilled to participate in an event hosted by Yelp for their top Elites! For this Soirée, we rolled out the red carpet and ensured we took care of the 80+ Yelp Elites as if they were our existing clients. As they made their way towards our studio, they were greeted with our team of smiling faces, chilled champagne, fruits, cheese, and crackers.


We are ecstatic to open our doors on Wednesday, January 27th (2021), and continue our mission of creating life-changing moments for our customers through eyebrow transformations. At Microblading LA our strict sanitation protocols have been in our practice prior to the outbreak and will remain our number one priority. 


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