An Interview with Lindsey Ta: On Training, Fundamentals, and Her Upcoming Combo Class with Rusen Donmez

Interviews | MLA Staff

An Interview with Lindsey Ta: On Training, Fundamentals, and Her Upcoming Combo Class with Rusen Donmez

Interviews | MLA Staff

Our Ombre Eyebrows + Microblading Combo Class has limited seating available! Today, MLA sits with Lindsey Ta to talk about permanent makeup training and her upcoming combo class with Rusen Donmez. Whether you’re interested in an upcoming class at MLA, or permanent makeup training in general, you’ll want to read this.

Note: our combo class is $6,000 (reduced from $7,000!). A $1,000 deposit is required to hold your seat. Curious? Read on to learn more.

What should someone who is completely new to microblading and the permanent makeup industry look for when they’re researching training?

They should make sure they are getting all the fundamentals of permanent makeup. When you understand skin behavior, and understand why techniques are performed in a specific way, only then can you achieve consistent results and steer away from common errors made in this industry.

You also want to make sure you're getting an introduction to the tools and products used in the market.

The materials have to cover everything. You’re implanting ink into the skin. It’s not just learning a specific technique. The fundamentals teach you why microblading is performed the way it is. You can’t just learn the technique without the understanding of why.

You have to make sure you’re understanding the behavior of the skin and what happens to ink placed underneath the skin. There’s fundamentals and there’s techniques. The techniques may change, but the body doesn’t change. The fundamentals don’t change.

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How would you compare the fundamentals in Art of Microblading and the Combo Class to fundamentals you’ve learned elsewhere?

Without naming names, fundamentals were taught to me by throwing a book. I had to read it on my own time. In our class, it’s structured and we go over it in class. We go over the fundamentals together. And it’s something we continually work on with every time we teach the class. 

Fundamentals are your deeper knowledge. If you understand that, you can build on it. It’s like learning to read or learning math. There are some very basic, fundamental things you should learn if you’re going to do anything advanced. 

As someone who trains regularly several times a year and works with thousands of clients and students a year, what do you look for when you’re looking to further your training?

To be honest, for me it’s the possibility of how the skin will react to the new technique. It’s always interesting to understand different techniques and to understand other successful artists that have a lot of experience in the industry with a specific technique. They’re sharing that knowledge with their peers. I want to compare and share and even network. It’s good to meet somebody who’s really good at their craft with a specific technique.

The only way you’re going to have success in permanent makeup is experience and new training will expand your experience.

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You’ve taken many classes yourself. What makes the Combo Class unique?

We’re structuring the class so they’re getting fundamentals for the eyebrow. We’re hyper-focusing on the eyebrows, which is the most popular service for permanent makeup in the world. It’s not lips, it’s not eyelash, it’s not micro pigmentation on the scalp—it’s eyebrows. It is the most safe for clients, artists, and students. 

Plus they’re getting an introduction the permanent makeup machine, which opens them up to learn any techniques in the future. If you know how to use the machine, you have minimal restrictions; if you only know how to use a microblade, you’re restricted. The combination of the two makes you capable of serving all skin types and all clientele.

Then they’re getting an advanced technique, which is microblading. 

So, they’re getting fundamentals, plus two techniques, all in one class. Many classes charge around $1500 per day and this is less than that. We’re looking to deliver the best for our students for the time and money they’re investing.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Rusen?

We share the same mentality. We strive for the same in our classes and have the same teaching technique. We come from the same place and have the same goals. Our teaching technique is very similar and so it’s nice to be able to share all of the information in one class.

Is his technique the same as Microshading?

The terms that are out there are an artist’s way communicating their style and brand. Microshading is Rebecca Chung’s technique that refers to a shading technique that is a manual method; with a hand tool, like microblading, not a machine. “Shading" is the broad term to describe both Rusen’s and Rebecca’s technique. Shading is the complete opposite of hair strokes. 

With eyebrows, there’s two techniques. On one side you have microblading, which is created with hairstrokes, and the other side is shading, which looks more like a powder look, like makeup. I’m teaching hairstrokes, Rusen is teaching shading. And Rusen’s technique is an advanced shading technique to create an ombre effect, where the brow gradually goes from dark to light.

Between the two of us, you’re learning the fundamentals and techniques to handle any client.


Click here to learn more about Lindsey and Rusen’s upcoming Ombre Eyebrows + Microblading Combo Class.

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