MLA 2020 Valentine's Day Special


Valentine's Day | Staff

MLA 2020 Valentine's Day Special


Valentine's Day | Staff


This SUPER DEAL is valid with this CODE VDAYMLA and can be booked directly on our website. When booking your appointment online leave this code in the  APPOINTMENT NOTES, or call our studio 855-652-2769 to book over the phone. A deposit of $350 is required when booking your appointment, you will have a balance of $150 the day of your appointment.



We are ecstatic to open our doors on Friday, June 26th, and continue our mission of creating life-changing moments for our customers through eyebrow transformations. At Microblading LA our strict sanitation protocols have been in our practice prior to the outbreak and will remain our number one priority. 

Microblading My Brows For The First Time | allure + MLA collaboration

When allure, one of the most respected beauty magazine in the world, works together with Lindsey Ta, a World Renowned Microblading Artist and Microblading LA's founder, sparks will fly and transformations are pretty much guaranteed!!!

Can I Get Microblading Over an Old Eyebrow Tattoo? A Complete Guide to Permanent Makeup Cover Ups (with pictures)

If you already have permanent makeup, and you want microblading over the old tattooed eyebrows, this is the blog to read. Whether you want a correction or a cover up, here is everything those existing PMU need to know. Photo gallery included.

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