Microblading for Men is Totally a Thing

microblading eyebrows for men | MLA Staff

Microblading for Men is Totally a Thing

microblading eyebrows for men | MLA Staff

People ask us all the time if guys get microblading and the answer is yes! Microblading is a relatively new trend, even for women, but that being said: there’s a lot of curiosity around microblading eyebrows for men. Men, just like women, lose definition in the brow over time, and just like women, the tail of the eyebrow can become much thinner. Let’s take a look at some recent clients and talk about how we achieved their results.

The pre-microblading consultation is very important in understanding the client and creating brows they’ll love everyday. Says founder of Microblading LA Lindsey Ta (who created these brows): “Those moments when you’re drawing the shape and getting to know your client are very important. It’s like I always say in class, you have to ask the right questions.” Most men don’t draw on their brows, but in this case, the client is a makeup artist who regularly uses makeup to define his brows. “He gets great comments on his brows all the time, but he doesn’t necessarily want to put in all that work every morning. So we can add definition and even made them a little bolder.

microblading for men before and after 2

These brows were also created by Lindsey. “He has beautiful eyebrows naturally, but with microblading, we can always create a little more symmetry.” This guy was another makeup artist, who preferred his brows groomed. “He didn’t want bushy, wild brows. He want neat, groomed, defined brows.”

“We added symmetry and we added tail, which is commonly what it is for females too.” Is there any thing different when creating hairstrokes for a man versus a woman? “Well it always depends on who that man is, which goes back to the consultation. For men though, the strokes are slightly less curved.”

Lindsey’s approach with men is in many ways similar: create definition, add symmetry, fill in gaps, especially in the tail where there’s commonly less hair. But men will often have a different mapping than we use for women because the shape is totally different. So the approach may change for men, but the result is the same: defined, symmetrical brows.

Microblading for Men Before and After Photo 3

This client began with a lot of hair and definition, but in this case his microblading artist Júlia Faria reduced the arch of his eyebrows. Says Julia: “I added strokes [near the head of the brow] to change the shape, and I added a few strokes in the tail.” The effects of microblading for men can be very subtle, but still have a profound effect.

Microblading for Men Before and After Photo 4

This client wanted a very natural look, something that would be invisible to most. Microblading artist Stacey Corletto noted, “We kept a very masculine look and shape for him.” For the microblading artist, this can mean deviating from the standard eyebrow mapping. “On a women’s eyebrow we might clean it up more and give it more shape. On a man’s eyebrow we clean it up just enough, but not so much that you can tell.”

“I didn’t stick with the typical eyebrow shape that Lindsey teaches, because that wouldn’t work for him. That’s a more groomed, feminine shape and he wouldn’t want that. I had to go out of the box a little bit, so it enhances his brow but it doesn’t change his brow.

Asked if she was intimidated at all by doing a guy’s brow, Stacey enthusiastically replied, “Not at all! I loved it! It’s fun.” When the client came back for the touch up, Stacey said, “He was very happy! It was hard to find my hairstrokes because they had blended so well with his hair.”

These last brows were created by Lindsey Ta, simulating a very natural, masculine microblading look. Watch out for the end of the video where we go close up and you can see individual hairstrokes.

So there you have it! Microblading for men. For guys who want a little fullness in their brow, whether they’re looking for a more defined shape, a bold look, or something that looks very natural and almost invisible to the naked eye: microblading for men is totally a thing.

If you know any guys curious about microblading, send them to MLA!

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