Microblading - A Complete Video Walkthrough and Q&A by Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

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Popular Youtube personality Pinup Doll Ashley Marie loves microblading! Ashley first came to Microblading LA in Summer 2016, after her fans on Instagram referred her to Microblading LA. She produced a series of videos that walks viewers through the entire process of microblading, from the first appointment all the way to the final touch up. She answers lots of questions from fans and we’re sharing here because it is a wealth of firsthand information that we know our new potential customers would love to see.
And now we’ll stop yapping and let Ashley tell you herself! (Also, be sure to check out Ashley Marie’s amazing beauty channel on Youtube).
In this second video, she answers questions she received after posting the first (spoiler alert: she doesn't regret microblading!):
In her final video, she gets a touch up at our new studio in Woodland Hills: