Actress Bella Thorne Snapschats Her New Eyebrows from Julia Faria and Microblading LA

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Actress Bella Thorne came by the studio over the weekend to get her and her friend's eyebrows microbladed. Microblading LA artist Julia Faria took care of her… and Bella got it all on Snapchat!
In the video, you can watch artist Julia Faria apply brows, first drawing them on with the pencil, then actually performing the procedure on camera!
Bella Thorne is actress known for her work on Disney’s “Shake It Up” and her recent appearances on “Scream.”
We’ll have our videos and photos up soon, but for now, we’re being featured everywhere online!
The story has been picked up on Fox News, Teen Vogue, Hollywood Life, Just Jared, In Style, Us Weekly, Celebuzz, and more!
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