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Emily Hardinger

Master Microblading Artist

3D Brows/Microblading

Book with Emily Hardinger $700

Julie Ha

Master Microblading Artist

3D Brows/Microblading

Book with Julie Ha $700

Stacey Corletto

Master Microblading Artist

3D Brows/Microblading

Book with Stacey Corletto $700

Júlia Faria

Celebrity Microblading Artist

3D Brows/Microblading

Book with Júlia Faria $900

Lindsey Ta

Microblading LA Founder & Celebrity Microblading Artist

3D Brows/Microblading

Book with Lindsey Ta $1500


All Microblading LA Master Artists have been hand-selected by founder and World of Microblading champion Lindsey Ta. Each artist went through a rigorous apprenticeship with Lindsey, studying her exact techniques for natural eyebrows and meeting her exceptionally high standards for healed work.

Microblading LA Celebrity Artists meet and exceed those same high standards. They’re booked at least 6 months in advance and set their own prices due to extremely high demand.

The combined work of all our artists comprise our stellar reputation amongst our clients, social media, and Yelp.


In order to hold your appointment, we charge your card a non-refundable deposit; amount depending on your artist. This amount will be debited immediately upon booking. Remaining balance is due during your scheduled appointment.


Prices are subject to change; however, we will honor the price your appointment was associated with upon booking.


7-10 days prior to your appointment, our trained staff will contact you via email and text in order to confirm your appointment date, time, and artist. With ample confirmation time, we ask that you respond to our confirmation via email, text, or a call to our studio, no less than 3 days prior to your appointment. If we do not receive your confirmation back within that time frame, your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.


In the event you would like to reschedule your appointment, you may do so on this website or by calling our studio, any time up to 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled appointment. Appointments occurring within the next 72 hours may not be rescheduled. If you need to cancel your appointment within 72 hours, your deposit will not be refunded.


Your complimentary, single session touch-up appointment will be scheduled at the studio. Touch-up appointments are subject to the availability of the artist’s schedule. Please note that rescheduling of the complimentary touch-up (within 8 weeks) cannot be guaranteed. If a rescheduled appointment does not meet the complementary time frame, touch-up fees will apply.

Previous Permanent Makeup

If you have had previous permanent makeup done on your eyebrows, please email us clear, close up, and makeup free photos of your brows to brows@microbladingla.com before making an appointment. We will then be able to determine if we are able perform the requested procedure on you. Further charges may be applicable for any and all corrective procedures on another technician's work.