MLA Apprentice Program

Start your career or take it to the next level with an MLA Mentor

One on One Mentoring

Shadow a Master Artist

Work on Two Models

Inside MLA Studio

Experience the ins & outs of a successful PMU Studio

Shadow a Master

Watch and learn from an MLA Master Artist

Real-World Success

Gain priceless insight & know-how for your studio


Day 1 — Taking you from the classroom to the real world of permanent-makeup and bringing you behind the scenes and into the action of one of the most sought after permanent-makeup studio in the world, welcome to MLA Studio - where your apprenticeship begins, and your career starts! Shadow and watch live consultation, brow mapping, microblading and combo brows procedures done on real life clients and learn up-close and personal how our Master Artists interact with clients, design their brows, execute their treatments, and create life-changing moments right in front of you!

Your first Clients

Everything you learned into real-life practice

Full Procedure

Create a Masterpiece Under Supervision

Rewarding Results

Experience a Life-changing moment with your models


Day 2 — Mastery comes with practice. Implement everything you learned by working with real clients! Perform complete procedures, start to finish, with your own models (never share a model), hand-picked by our training specialists. Walk your clients through step-by-step after-care instructions and follow up with them to get a complete understanding of all the healing phases. Your mentor will guide you every step of the way so you will create beautiful, mistake-free results that you’ll be proud to add to your portfolio.

Remote Mentor Support

30 Days of One on One Support

Personalized guidance

Tailored advice and support

You Are Not Alone

Trusted Experienced Voice In your industry

Mentorship Support

As your in-person apprenticeship completes, your mentorship relationship has just began. Included in this Apprenticeship Program, is a month long open communication channel between you and your mentor to help you start your career or take it to the next level. Through a private messaging app , get feedback on models or clients you will be doing on your own. Help on what you need to do next to advance your career, and the confidence that you are not alone! We are in it together.

Intimate After Class support

Continue learning with classmates on an online private group

Private Online Community

Instantly become an MLA alumni in our community

Lifetime Expert Advise

Lifetime support and advice from our growing community


As an MLA Alumni you will have access to lifetime support and continue growing your knowledge through our community of professionals. You will get updates and access to all our trade secrets files, clients forms, educational videos, new industry innovation, and much more.

MLA Apprentice Program

This 2 day one-on-one Apprentice Program includes:

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Learn from the best, be the best.

Lindsey Ta is the founder of Microblading LA and a world champion microblading artist. She has created 1000’s eyebrows and taught 1000’s of students.

Her work has been featured in:

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You'll be working on two different models.

A Certified MLA Master Artist.

The Apprentice program is only you and your mentor.

The MLA Apprentice program takes 2 days to complete. However, you will get mentoring support for an additional 30 days after completing the program.


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