Sasha Lizeth

Master Artist

MLA Certified Microblading Artist

Sasha Lizeth is a Master Artist, certified in the art of microblading and combo brows with Microblading LA Founder Lindsey Ta. Sasha was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York and raised in south Florida. She has drove across county to pursue a career in permanent makeup, specifically at Microblading LA.

“I chose permanent make up as a career because I want to be able to give every single one of you, the confidence and self-love that you desire” Sasha says.

Sasha is extremely positive and patient, and truly passionate about making her clients feel beautiful. When I’m not working, I love to go hiking and camping with my little family. I like to volunteer for wildlife rescue centers because it’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

“I hope to be able to meet you and excited for the universe to connect us”.


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