Learn the Art of Ombre Eyebrows

4-Day Intensive Training for All Levels with Rusen Donmez

Learn to create ombré eyebrows with Rusen Donmez. Rusen has mastered how to regulate the pigment and apply it in layers to create a beautiful, soft ombre effect that is the next trend in permanent makeup.

You’ll receive an introduction to the permanent makeup machine. You'll leave this class ready to handle all skin types with some of the most advanced techniques available today.

Ombré is the next trend in PMU... stay ahead of the trend and learn from the best!

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World Class Training

Choosing the right instructor for learning this technique is essential. This is why Rusen Donmez’s global reputation, in terms of skill and expertise, will be a key element in your success as a PMU artist. Motivated by the desire to share his technique and expertise, Rusen Donmez will be present at the MLA Academy to teach the most advanced Ombre Brow techniques from Europe.

Who Is This Class For?

Whether you are a novice or a pro in the PMU field, Rusen’s teaching capabilities - combined with technical and practical knowledge of PMU - will guarantee a high-quality education. 
If you've already taken The Art of Microblading or learned microblading at another school, this is the perfect opportunity to learn Rusen’s technique so you can service all clients, oily skin or otherwise! (If you want to learn microblading AND Rusen's technique, check out the ombre + microblading combo class.)


  • Easy and quick Eyebrow Symmetry
  • Rusen's Signature DAA Ombre Brows
  • Step by step building of contrast and color
  • Golden eyebrow rules
  • Color Theory
  • Photography and social media tips
  • Full Procedure Walkthrough
  • Rusen's Approach to PMU Marketing

Your Trainer: Rusen Donmez

Rusen Donmez is a master permanent makeup trainer and the founder of Dutch Art Avenue, providing ombré eyebrows, eyeliner, “baby doll lips,” and eyelash services. He travels the world teaching his techniques in group and private settings. Rusen began his training in the art of permanent makeup at the Academy Yevgenia. Rusen is a frequent guest of Microblading LA and joined MLA at the International Beauty Show in 2017.


01 Day One “Basics Part 1”
Introduction, safety and hygiene, 10 minute brows, & face shapes.
02 Day Two “Basics Part 2”
Anatomy of the skin, color theory, contraindications, live consultation, PLUS: an introduction to your PMU device
03 Day Three “A Day in the Life of Rusen”
Learn it all: before, during, and after the treatment and: business marketing 101.
04 Day Four “Model Day”
Rusen and his assistant supervise your work with a live model provided by MLA. Get 1-on-1 time and direct feedback as you work.
Real work from Rusen Donmez

Your Ombre Eyebrows Starter Kit

  • Sly PMU Device
  • (2) boxes of 1-point needles
  • 5 pigments for brows
  • Work Book
  • 3D Pencil
  • Cups
  • Sleeves
  • Numbing cream

Register Online

The DAA Method for Ombre Brows lasts 4 days from 9 AM to 5 PM, at our location in the Woodland Hills / Los Angeles Area. The class is $4,500, which includes the PMU machine, start kit, a live model, and training with Rusen Donmez. To register for this class, a $1,000 deposit is required. Full payment is required two weeks prior to your first class.
Please note: if you are unable to attend your class after you've made your deposit, you may transfer your deposit toward a future class date any time up to four weeks prior to your start date. 

Jun 28-30, 2017 Instructor: Rusen Donmez


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