Learn the Art of Microblading + Shading

You wanted it, you got it! Our new class teaches Microblading LA’s signature microblading + shading combination technique. This features the hairstroke eyebrow taught in our popular Art of Microblading class, plus you’ll learn shading and how to combine the two techniques. After taking this class, and practicing our techniques, you'll be able to take on clients of all skin types. This is perfect for those ready to dive in and learn it all!

This is a SIX-DAY class, with TWO model days taught by Microblading LA founder Lindsey Ta and certified instructor Julie Ha. Get ready to begin your microblading career!

Hands on Exerience in a Working Microblading Studio

You will work side-by-side with Julie Ha, Lindsey Ta, and the team of working microblading artists. This is an experience like no other! You will spend 6 days in our 3800 square feet studio, where real clients come into work with our busy team. You'll start with synthetic skin to practice, eventually working with a live model on Days 5 & 6 under the supervision of the MLA team of Master Artists and Educators.

Who is This Class For?

This is anentry-level microblading class, perfect for newcomers to the industry or seasoned cosmetology professionals looking to expand their services with our techniques. Beginners with no prior knowledge of tattooing, eyebrow drawing or cosmetology will appreciate our step-by-step approach to teaching you. Advanced students will appreciate seeing our techniques and how we combine them to accomodate all client needs. You will learn a lot--understand that microblading is one of the most difficult permanent makeup techniques to master, but you'll be learning from the best. Nail technicians, tattoo artists, and artists in any profession that requires a steady hand will find themselves right at home.


  • The MLA Method for 3D Eyebrows
  • The 3 Rules For The Perfect Hairstroke
  • The 4 Rules of Drawing Eyebrow Shape
  • Achieving Eyebrow Symmetry
  • The MLA Combo Technique
  • Introduction to PMU Machine & "Shading"
  • Profiling a Client for their Style and Skin Type
  • Creating Natural Eyebrows Your Clients Will Love

Your Trainers: Lindsey Ta & Julie Ha

Lindsey Ta is the founder of Microblading LA, a world champion microblading artist, and an advocate for microblading around the world. In January 2016, she won 1st place at The World of Microblading Championship against some of the best artists in the world. Her work is seen by hundreds of thousands visitors every month to her popular Facebook and Instagram pages and website, and has been featured in Bravo TV, Pop Sugar, and more. Microblading is her passion and she believes in setting her students on track to blossom as their own unique artist.

Julie is a Microblading LA certified educator, licensed aesthetician, and has been teaching side-by-side with founder Lindsey Ta since MLA Academy's inception. Students love her attention to detail, clarity, and patience. She's helped hundreds of students create their first microbladed eyebrows. You can see her work at www.microbladingla.com/julie-ha.


00 Day Zero “Online Training”
Our online training course will introduce you to the basics of drawing eyebrows with a focus on the most basic element of microblading: the single hairstroke. You’ll also learn to create eyebrow shape, skills you’ll need for both techniques.
01 Day One “Permanent Makeup Fundamentals”
Your introduction to the world of permanent makeup, including skin anatomy, sanitation, color theory, and much more.
02 Day Two “Introduction to Microblading”
Get hands on with Julie Ha, reiterating the concepts taught in our online class and creating hair stroke eyebrows using the hand tool on synthetic skin.
03 Day Three “Introduction to the PMU Machine”
Lindsey introduces you to the permanent makeup machine and shading techniques. Create a full shaded eyebrow on synthetic skin.
04 Day Four “The MLA Combo Technique”
Combine the microblading and shading techniques to create beautiful, natural eyebrows, that will appear fuller with shading.
05 Day Five “Microblading Model Day”
Julie and the MLA team closely supervises your first time microblading.
06 Day Six “Combo Model Day”
Lindsey and the MLA team supervise as you work on clients with oily or combination skin types. With the help of our instructors, you’ll determine the best technique for their skin type and create beautiful shaded or combination eyebrows.
The MLA Combo Technique

Your Microblading + Shading Starter Kit

  • Everything you need for your first 15 clients. The kit includes:
  • "The Art of Microblading" Training Manual and Workbook
  • "The MLA Combo Method" Workbook
  • Sapphire Elite permanent makeup device
  • 7 pigments
  • 2 numbing creams
  • 15 hand tools
  • 20 blades
  • Eyebrow Ruler
  • Eyebrow brushes (15 pieces)
  • Eyebrow pencil (1 piece)
  • 3D wax pencil (1 piece)
  • Pigment cups (30)
  • Pigment finger rings (15)
  • Pigment application sticks (15)
  • Practice skin
  • Eyebrow shaver
  • Razor blade
  • Spear pointed Qtips
  • Alcohol pads
  • Anti-fog mask

Register Online

Our training course lasts 6 days from 9 AM to 5 PM, at our location in the Los Angeles Area, and costs $7,000. To reserve your seat, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required. Full payment is required 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Please note: if you are unable to attend your class after you've made your deposit, you may transfer your deposit toward a future class date any time up to four weeks prior to your start date

Oct 08-13, 2017 Instructor: Julie Ha & Lindsey Ta
Dec 10-15, 2017 Instructor: Julie Ha & Lindsey Ta


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