Perfect Your Brows

You asked for it, you got it! This is MLA's advanced microblading class. 

In Perfect Your Brows you will transform your art by learning the secrets of the MLA method. Select a 1-Day course with lecture, starter kit, and live demonstration; or select a 2-day course with all of that plus a second day devoted to working with a live model and receiving feedback from your MLA instructor. You will leave this class excited to microblade!

Seating is limited… join us in our latest expansion to Microblading LA’s training program!

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World Class Training

Training takes place at our 3800 square feet studio in Woodland Hills. Watch a full demonstration and ask any questions you like while she works. Learn MLA's secrets for a perfect hairstroke, symmetry, needle configurations, and more. Get an introduction to soft manual shading. If you elect to take the second day, you’ll complete a live model under the supervision of the MLA Master Artists and staff. Get 1-on-1 feedback and ask questions as you work.

Who Is This Class For?

This is the perfect class for MLA Alumni or professionals from other microblading schools. For MLA Students who want to return to MLA, you’ll have a chance to hone the skills you learned in The Art of Microblading or our Combo Class. If you trained at another school, you'll love the introduction to the MLA Method and MLA’s approach to microblading. 


  • Geometry of Brow Shaping
  • The Secret to Perfect Hairstrokes
  • Creating Symmetry out of Natural Asymmetry
  • Introduction to Needle Configurations
  • The Proper Use of Tools
  • Introduction to Soft Manual Shading

Your Instructor: Julia Ha

Julie is a Microblading LA certified educator, licensed aesthetician, and has been teaching side-by-side with founder Lindsey Ta since MLA Academy's inception. Students love her attention to detail, clarity, and patience. She's helped hundreds of students create their first microbladed eyebrows. You can see her work at www.microbladingla.com/julie-ha.


01 Day One “Lecture and Live Demonstration”
Lectures and live demonstration, integrating everything she teaches you. Ask questions and learn from the best.
02 Day Two “Model Day”
MLA Master Artists oversee your work with a live model provided by MLA. Get 1-on-1 time and direct feedback on your work and style.
Work by Lindsey Ta

Your Microblading + Manual Shading Starter Kit

  • 20 Shading Needles (2 kinds)
  • 10 U blades
  • 10 sloped blades
  • 10 hand tools
  • 4 wax pencils (2 kinds)
  • Eyebrow ruler
  • Masking Wand
  • Razor Blades

Register Online

Perfect Your Brows lasts 1 or 2 days from 9 AM to 6 PM, at our location in the Woodland Hills / Los Angeles Area. You can purchase 1 Day (demo only) for $1,200 or 2 Days (demo & model) for $2,500. Full Payment is due when you register below.

Feb 19, 2018 Instructor: Julie Ha
Feb 20, 2018 Instructor: Julie Ha


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